Wago Winsta

WINSTA RANGE: WINSTA range of connectors for building installation has consiste's of 3, 4 and 5-pole plugs and sockets, including pre-assembled connecting and interconnection cables as well as various pluggable distribution connectors and distribution boxes – for standard wiring applications in building installation technology.

Linect Connecter Lighting Soulution

Lights are offered under the Linect brand name that enable both conventional field connection and connection with plug-in...

Linect Connecter

Winsta Mini Softwire System

The compact 2- and 3-pole MINI connector is suitable for the safe plug-in connection of sensors (switches, push buttons,...

Winsta Mini

Winsta Maxi Softwire System

The WINSTA® MAXI connector is designed as 5-pole power supply connector with a maximum conductor cross section of 6 mm2and...

Winsta Maxi

Winsta IDC

Cableaway WINSTA IDC (insulation displacement connection for insulated flat cables) consists of ribbon cables and the...

Winsta IDC

Winsta RD

New products with round design have been added to the range of WINSTA connectors. With an external diameter of only 17.5mm,...

Winsta RD