Fiber Ducting

Fibre Ducting Raceway

The Cableaway fibre duct system is a cutting-edge solution specifically designed to provide comprehensive protection and efficient routing for fibre optic patch cords and cable assemblies originating from Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs), network cabinets, or similar devices.

With its innovative design, sleek appearance, and user-friendly maintenance features, fibre duct sets a new standard for optical raceway requirements and applications.

At the heart of its design, the fibre duct prioritises the safety and integrity of delicate fibre optic cables. By creating a dedicated pathway, it shields the cables from potential external hazards that could compromise their performance. This ensures the fibre cables remain secure, organised, and optimally routed throughout their journey without risk of damage or interference.

One of the standout features of fibre duct lies in its aesthetically pleasing and professional appearance. Meticulously engineered, it eliminates the visual clutter associated with cable management, creating a clean and streamlined environment. By neatly concealing and managing cable routing, Cableaway’s fibre duct transforms spaces such as data centres, telecommunication networks, and office installations into visually impressive and well-organized environments.

The advantages of Cableaway’s fibre duct extend beyond its visual appeal. The system has been carefully designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Its modular construction allows for effortless access to individual cable segments, making installations, modifications, or repairs quick and hassle-free. This means that network administrators can efficiently manage their fibre optic infrastructure, saving valuable time and resources. The ability to make targeted adjustments without disrupting the entire network ensures uninterrupted connectivity and optimal performance.

Whether working in a data centre, deploying fibre optic networks in office buildings, or establishing reliable connections in telecommunications installations, Cableaway’s fibre duct is an indispensable product. Its ability to provide unrivalled protection, streamline aesthetics, and facilitate seamless maintenance sets it apart as the ultimate solution for meeting the demanding requirements of modern optical raceway applications.

By choosing the Cableaway fibre duct system, you're investing in a high-quality product that not only ensures the longevity and performance of your fibre optic infrastructure but also enhances the overall functionality and visual appeal of your installation.


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