What's People says

Whats People says

Cableaway Pty Ltd is committed to providing Australian customers with products of superior quality and exceptional value, with each item designed to perform its designated function to the fullest extent. Please note that we do not ship orders outside of Australia unless a special agreement has been established by contacting Cableaway at +61 2 80064244. Only after we have confirmed, processed, and received your payment will we ship your order. We accept a variety of payment methods listed on our website. 

Your order's delivery service is chosen based on the quantity and weight of your articles.

The following conveyance companies are part of Cableaway's trusted fleet: 

  • Northline 
  • TNT 
  • Star Track 
  • Barnett's Couriers 
  • DHL 
  • Hunter Express
  • Civic Freight
  • Capital Transport 
  • Toll Ipec 
  • Boarder Express

Our standard delivery time is between one and three days, though some products may take longer to deliver due to their dimensions or destination. It is also essential to observe that the conveyance company may experience unanticipated delays.

If you have any questions or would like to explore alternative shipping options, please contact our office.