About Us.

Since its founding in 2010, Cableaway has solidified its position as a leading supplier of all-inclusive cable management solutions in Australia and New Zealand. Our operations are located out of our Smeaton Grange, NSW headquarters, where our committed and knowledgeable team works tirelessly to uphold our dedication to outstanding service and cutting-edge industry insights.

We have more than ten years of experience working with the construction and electrical industries, so we have the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully satisfy your particular needs. In addition to offering a wide range of cable management devices, we take satisfaction in creating and supplying specialised solutions for premier merchants in the area. By choosing Cableaway, you support a company known for its exceptional customer service, high standards, and reasonable prices.

Our broad product selection, which includes everything from cutting-edge data cabinets to creative floor boxes, is made to satisfy your requirements. However, we are more than just vendors; we are problem solvers with a qualified staff prepared to help you identify and implement the best solutions.

We offer an extensive range of services, including:

·         Tailored on-site consultations to identify your requirements and recommend the top goods or services.

·         Custom product design and produced to your requirements.

·         Server racks and data cabinets.

·         Assistance from our knowledgeable internal design staff.

·         Personalised specification services for consultants and architects.

·         Mesh Tray Systems by Pemsa

·         Cable trays and ladders made of thermoplastic Unex

·         Aluminium Service Columns for Duct Skirting

·         Systems for Soft Wire

·         Systems for Fibre Duct Raceways

We at Cableaway are prepared and excited to help you with your cable management requirements. So today, discover the Cableaway difference. Call 1300 883 452 or send an email to sales@cableaway.com.au to get in touch with us. 


Cableaway and Cable Duct Systems recently merged to become Cable Management Group Pty Ltd, which will now function as a single entity. As industry pioneers in the cable management sector, our combined knowledge provides our clients with a higher calibre of service. By combining our expertise, we can better address the diverse requirements of the construction and electrical industries, offering a greater range of cutting-edge, excellent goods and services. As we uphold our heritage of quality within the Cable Management Group Pty Ltd, we cordially invite you to see the combined strength of Cableaway and Cable Duct Systems.