Data Cabinets / Server Racks

Data & Communications

Cableaway provides high-quality Data Cabinets engineered to accommodate various networking and communication needs. These cabinets are optimal not just for professional scenarios like offices or business spaces but also for personal use such as in-home networks or personal servers.

For different space and installation requirements, Cableaway offers both wall-mounted and freestanding cabinet types. Wall-mounted cabinets are ideal for saving floor space and are perfect for smaller workplaces or homes where space is a premium. On the other hand, freestanding cabinets offer more flexibility in terms of capacity and are ideal for server rooms or large-scale network installations.

The diversity in Cableaway's range of Data Cabinets extends to size and configuration. Depending on your specific requirements, you can choose from smaller, compact cabinets for limited spaces to large, high-capacity cabinets that can house multiple servers or networking equipment. The configurations vary to meet the demands of different network complexity levels. Some may require a basic setup for a small business, while others might need a more complex structure for large-scale, high-traffic networks.

Furthermore, Cableaway offers cabinets with various features to match your needs. This could include cooling fans, lockable doors for security, adjustable shelving for flexibility, cable management features for organisation, and more. These features are designed to provide optimal efficiency, reliability, and security to your network.

In conclusion, Cableaway is committed to providing a comprehensive range of Data Cabinets tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clientele. The perfect solution for your networking needs lies within their extensive product portfolio, backed by their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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