Soft Wiring Floor Outlet Box

Soft Wiring Floor Outlet Box

Are you in need of a compact and practical source of data and power within your floor? A floor box could be just what you are looking for.
Cableaway has a range of floor outlet boxes to suit many different applications from concrete or floating floors to a desk top.

With a compact design, a Cableaway floor box can be recessed into the floor anywhere in your home or workplace. Power, data, phone line, audio/video outlets (and so on), all available for your convenience, wherever best suits you.

In a range of sizes, Cableaway's floor outlet boxes provide a cost effective and flexible selection to suit your specific needs. Standard choices from a single GPO up to 8 auto switched power outlets, provisions for multiple data, multimedia fittings and blanking plates for A/V installation allow you to customise a floor box to suit your exact power and data needs. While a choice (for most boxes) of a flush or carpet recessed stainless steel, brass or plastic lid (all complete with cable exit flaps) allow us to make your floor box as discreet and unobtrusive as possible. Furthermore, any box can be custom made outside these parameters, simply contact us.

With easy installation available into concrete, timber or floating floors, Cableaway’s floor outlet boxes are suited for any workplace or home. Brass and stainless steel lids provide a sturdy support that can withstand heavy foot traffic and the edges of each lid are beveled to reduce any trip hazard making them safe and sturdy underfoot. To suit any change your floor may undergo in the future, most Cableaway floor outlet boxes come with height adjustable brackets to ensure a proper fit no matter what the situation.


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