shallow floor box

Shallow Floor Outlet Box

In response to industry requirements to the need of more shallow floor boxes due to the use of shallower concrete pours to reduce building costs, Cableaway has designed and manufactured there new ultra low profile floor box.

At an overall height of just 54mm the FFBSSF4P4DS50 floor outlet box contains 4 x autoswitched outlets and the provision for 4 x data is remarkably clever in design.

Cableaways S50 shallow floor box comes complete with an aesthetically appealing height adjustable heavy duty stainless steel flush lid to suit a number of different environments.

Do you require a compact and practical source of power and data? Are you looking for a flush, stylish, and subtle home for all your power and data needs or just a strong, sturdy, and durable in-floor power solution? If so, a Cableaway Floor Box is EXACTLY what you NEED. Available in a range of sizes, colours, and materials, the Cableaway FB Series Floor Boxes are the perfect solution to all of your compact power needs, whether you’re at home, the office, or even on a worksite.


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